This program represents a perfect combination of fast tennis and relaxing Yoga programme. It will be a nice soothing week for your body, head and spirit but also a week filled with action through our tennis lessons.
Note: This program is ideal for players and team who are on the beginner level. The “Stress management programme” is perfect for business people.

  •     07-08 yoga classes (Hatha, Vinyasaflow, Snaga, Ashtanga)
  •     09-11 tennis group training
  •     11:30 – 14 spa wellness zone, massages (2 massages per program, full massage around 1 and a half hour long)
  •     18-19 private tennis lessons
  •     21-22 classes in breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation

Price is per week and per person. Minimum number of people required per week is 4. We recommend a weekly schedule for your body’s optimum balance.