Covid-19 information

We wish you a safe and responsible return to travels.

In Ilirija d.d., we take care of the health and safety of our guests, employees and the environment in which we operate. We have further improved  the already high standards of hygiene and cleanliness and taken the necessary steps in order to enhance hygiene and sanitary conditions to  ensure a safe and healthy stay in our hotels, camp, marina, as well as in our restaurants and bars.




The guests from the EU come to Croatia and return to their countries unhindered. Starting from November 30, 2020, all Croatian citizens, EU citizens and third-country nationals must present a negative PCR test not older than 48 hours or be tested upon arrival in Croatia and be in self-isolation until the arrival of a negative test result.


The safety and health of guests and employees are our focus. We follow the recommendations of experts and competent institutions on the topic of COVID-19 and adjust our processes in order to maximally protect the environment in which we live.


All  passengers who come to the Republic of Croatia from EU / EEA member states / regions and from third countries, and which are currently not on the so-called green list of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, must present one of the following documents:

  • a negative PCR or rapid antigen test result for SARS-CoV-2 that is not older than 48 hours (counting from the time of taking the swab to arriving at the border crossing point) and, in the case of a rapid antigen test and a stay longer than 10 days in the Republic of Croatia, the test must be repeated within ten days from the date of issuing that test;  
  • vaccination certificate for persons who received a second dose of COVID-19 vaccine more than 14 days prior. Exceptionally, in the case of a vaccine received in a single dose, a certificate of receipt of a single dose if the dose was received more than 14 days before crossing the state border;
  • a certificate confirming that the certificate holder has recovered from SARS-COV-2 virus infection after having previously had a positive PCR or rapid antigen test result, which is valid at the earliest on the eleventh day from the date of arrival of the positive test and no later than 180th day from the day of the first positive test.



0 CASES IN 2020


In the accommodation capacities of Ilirija d.d., Ilirija Resort, Camping Park Soline and Marina Kornati, there were no recorded cases of transmission of the infection or any source of infection that needed to be treated epidemiologically in 2020. This indicates the proper implementation of all prescribed measures and their constant control and upgrading.



General rules for entering the Republic of Croatia


For easier and faster border crossing, we advise you to submit your information in advance via the website This will prevent additional delays at the border crossing, as the border police will have data in the system. At the road border crossings Bregana, Macelj, Rupa and Plovanija there are special lanes for guests who have filled in and submitted the Enter Croatia form prior to arrival.


Passengers who have registered on the website will receive a confirmation of the received announcement and all the necessary information regarding the instructions and recommendations of the CPHI.


Passengers who do not submit their data in advance via the above application will be able to do all this at the border crossing when entering the Republic of Croatia.


On the European Commision’s 'Re-open EU' website you can check in real time information on travel within the European Union and the situation at the borders, as well as all available transport and tourism services in the Member States.


Transit through Austria, Italy and Slovenia to Croatia flows completely unhindered.

Frequently asked questions Covid-19

1. How can I change or cancel the accommodation reservation I made on the website of Ilirija d.d.?
For all reservations in 2021. a flexible booking policy applies, regardless of the price list or package you book through our direct sales channels.


Free cancellation.
The reservation can be cancelled online no later than 7 days prior to arrival.
Change of travel date in 2021 free of charge up to two days before arrival (the price of your arrangement changes depending on the date of stay)
 In case of cancellation 7-0 days before arrival, 10% of the reservation amount will be charged.
 In case of no-show, without prior cancellation, we will charge your card for the total amount of the reservation.

Discount on standard price.
Free cancellation up to 7 days prior to arrival
Change of travel date in 2021 free of charge up to two days before arrival (the price of your arrangement changes depending on the date of stay)
We charge a credit card 7 days prior to arrival in the amount of 20%
In case of cancellation 7-0 days prior to arrival, 100.00% of the guarantee amount will be charged
In case of no-show, without prior cancellation, we will charge your card for the total amount of the reservation.

Booking and cancellation conditions vary depending on the specific offer.
For more information you can contact us at or 023 385 383 556

2. How can I change or cancel the reservation of accommodation in the facilities of Ilirija d.d. which I made through Booking, Expedia or some other travel agency?
Please contact the agency or service provider with which you booked accommodation and find out all about the possibilities of changing the date of arrival or cancellation.

3. What is the deadline for changing a reservation?

It is possible to change the holiday dates up to 2 days prior to your arrival. For more information you can contact us at or +385 23 383 556

4. Can I reschedule the reservation to another date?

Za više informacija mozete nas kontaktirati na ili na +385 23 383 55

5. What protection measures against Coronavirus are in force in Croatia?
Official website of the Government of the Republic of Croatia for timely and accurate information on Coronavirus (
You can also access all valid recommendations and contacts on the website of the Croatian Public Health Institute ( ,

6. What Coronavirus protection measures do you take in your hotels and camp-sites?
Through our work, we consistently take care of hygiene and cleanliness in our facilities. During the outbreak, the measures in line with the latest recommendations were implemented, i.e. epidemiological measures against Coronavirus.
The security system for our guests and employees includes:
• additional safety measures in food preparation and serving
• thorough cleaning and disinfection of accommodation units
• disinfection sites in all our facilities
• educating employees on the preventive measures implementation

Read more in our document entitled Security Protocol.pdf

7. What measures are you taking to prevent crowds in the facilities?
We have reduced the capacity in catering facilities, in order to ensure the distance between the tables in accordance with the measures of the Croatian Public Health Institute. We have reduced the capacity of deck chairs at the swimming pools, in order to also comply with the prescribed distance. This ensures a more comfortable and safer stay in places where a large number of guests gather. Notices have been posted on the premises indicating the maintenance of a safety gap.

8. Will we have enough disinfectants available?
In the common areas of the facilities, guests are provided with effective disinfectants, our employees are also trained to use effective disinfectants and they are provided with all prescribed protective equipment for work.

9. In what ways can we check in and check out?

Check-in is possible at the hotel / camp reception or via the web check-in link, which you will receive in your e-mail 48 hours before arriving at the hotel.

If you have not received an e-mail with a link, you can contact the sales department at: or by phone 00385 (0) 23 383 556

Check-out is possible at the hotel/camp reception.

10. Will we be able to move freely around the city keeping a safe distance?
Free movement around the city is provided to both guests and citizens, but the recommendation on the importance of keeping a distance is still in force.

11. Will wearing masks be mandatory in certain parts of the building?

The mask is mandatory to wear in closed, common areas of our facilities. The mask is also mandatory in restaurants, but not during the consumption of food and beverages. Such safety measures are in line with the recommendations of the Croatian Public Health Institute.

12. How will the children animation program function?
The animation program will be organized outdoors in accordance with epidemiological measures.

13. Will additional facilities be in operation (sports playgrounds, children's playgrounds, sports facilities, etc.)?

In facilities that have additional facilities, those that comply with the prescribed measures will be provided.

14. How will the food be served at the buffet tables?
On the protected buffet tables where food is served by the kitchen staff, it is possible to serve food on plates and portion and packaging of food with the maximum application of all health and safety measures and disinfectants in restaurants.

15. Do you have an organized emergency medical service in case of symptoms of Coronavirus infection?
In Illyria d.d., we take care of all protocols and measures of hygienic correctness, health protection and procedures prescribed by the World Health Organization. The professional health control service is in charge of monitoring the situation in all facilities of the company on a daily basis from 0-24, and in case of suspicion or occurrence of the disease, they act in accordance with the protocols and effectively ensure the prevention of its spread.
In case of need, the Head of Health Control of Ilirija d.d. will provide medical care and all necessary coordination as soon as possible.

16. Who to contact in case of suspicion of infectious disease or food intoxication?

In case you notice the appearance of symptoms such as (fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, etc.) or you have any questions or concerns, please stay in your room and call the reception or directly our health control service which is at your disposal 24 hours a day:


Ivana Benčić,
Head of Health Control and Environmental Protection
GSM: +385 98 314 272


Marina Čirjak, mag. ing. techn. aliment.
Head of Quality Assurance and Food and Beverage Control
GSM: +385 99 368 5450