We organize unique events in beautiful locations for the maintenance of banks, which in one include the beauty of nature, the sophistication of the ambience and top service.

At the client's request, the spaces where the festivities and various activities can be held can be: outdoor (beach, island, lighthouse, olive grove, Dalmatian courtyard, Mediterranean garden, marina) or special indoor spaces (Arsenal-monument of historical heritage, Dalmatian taverns and restaurants) , hotel restaurants and halls, bars and tents).

For events such as gala dinners, banquets, parties and other celebrations, Ilirija Resort can serve up to 500 people, and Arsenal in Zadar up to 1000 people.

Sail to EVENT SHIP NADA, a floating congress center for multifunctional purposes, fully equipped with audio and video equipment for conferences that offer restaurants, kitchens and bars can serve 180 people, and is designed for:

  • Exclusive day and night cruises
  • attractive business meetings, conferences, seminars
  • unique business meetings
  • Luxury restaurant and lounge bar
  • formal receptions, banquets, weddings, etc.