Village hospitality has been a very popular trend on global scale, and Croatia follows the pattern. Whether you intend to visit the rural estates of Slavonia, Zagorje, Istria or mountainous regions of coastal Croatia, such return to genuine nature and authentic traditional lifestyle will certainly fulfill your expectations. The untouched nature and original content bring joy to visitors, especially those coming from dense urban settlements. Some children have seen animals only on television, so you can just imagine what the first contact with a living cow or a goat looks like. Be introduced to blooming natural sites and taste local delicacies, whose recipes are several centuries old, and embrace the hospitable nature of your friendly hosts.  Agro- tourism offers all of these.

History of Agro-tourism

As one reads the historical novels of 19th century, he can see that aristocrats of the time spent their leisure in large rural estates. To leave the busy premises of crowded cities was a privilege of the wealthy, but in contemporary age, the situation is quite different.   In last two decades, agro-tourism has flourished in Croatia, as local village communities decided to promote hospitality services to the interested crowds and offer them a simple yet unique vacation in rural outdoors.

Discovering wine roads, olive groves, renovated old estates and stables are just some of the features of resting in Croatian village. In addition to that, you will learn plenty of legends and old tales, as well as learn how to use common farmer tools and what true living in accordance with nature looks like.

Original Accommodation

The prime scenery for such vacation can be found in the small Dalmatian settlement of Polaca. Here you will find Ražnjevića Dvori, a multi-functional estate dating from 14th century, covered with stone and inscribed with historical events. Combining modernity with tradition, it is among the best destinations for agro-tourism in the region of Ravni Kotari.

Recently renovated in the spring of 2014, Ražnjevića Dvori did not lose a glimpse of its old charm. In past, it was a large agricultural estate belonging to Croatian governors, but today it is the first Croatian hotel based on diffused design. As a pioneer of this novel trend in accommodation service, it provides its visitors with fascinating ambient and almost mystical atmosphere of its historical interior.

Luxurious Food

Cooking has always been a matter of pride to village households. Using organically harvested groceries, these shaped a unique gastronomical identity, especially in Mediterranean regions.  One of the healthiest food cultures on the globe is ready to introduce you with its tasty aromas and savory dishes.

Find delight as you enjoy home-made wines and enrich your meals with golden-colored sips of organic olive oils. Embrace the Croatian hospitality as you eat local breads, cheese and prosciutto and finish the courses with fruits of local gardens, hand-picked just moments before being served in front of you. In Ražnjevića Dvori, every bite is a new spectacle, and some guests arrive only to try traditional Croatian cuisine which is practiced here.

Unique Vacation

The admirers of natural world know the value of peaceful scenery, and how much benefit can it bring to those living under constant stress and professional obligations. To spend a few days next to sites of such kind is a path to true happiness, and something what modern people desperately need in their everyday lives.

Gift yourself a luxurious vacation and explore the old ways of living in Croatia. Enjoy the lush landscapes and taste local delicacies, appetizers and grappa brands. And in case you wish to return the favor to your hosts, simply offer to participate in local outdoor works. There is always something to be done on rural estate. And as you wake up your inner Croatian farmer, you might as well find new strengths and pieces of your personality, which will help you to return from vacation fulfilled and ready for new challenges.