•     8.00-10.00 daily group training (2-4 players)
  •     7.00-20.00 bike tours ((new route every day, max of 50km per day, every week we will give you complete plans of bike routes for each day and all the required services; bikes and equipment). Every day you will have to opportunity to see beautiful historical and popular places which are truly a biking and tennis heaven.
  •     Relax Zone during every evening (swimming and stretching, traditional drinks on the terrace of our lounge bar, cocktails)
  •     on Wednesdays – group training + relax zone in the afternoon
  •     on Saturdays 2 hours of group training in the morning with 2-4 players, party bike zone during the afternoon
  •     Sundays are off; we recommend trips from our offer

We are sending an offer on your request! 

Minimum number of 4 people per week.