One of the most beautiful, historically prolific, and experience-filled cities in the Adriatic invites you to immerse yourself in its 3000-year old urban history. Starting at the Roman forum and the Church of Saint Donatus and hence moving around and along the city's Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance walls, churches, and streets, you will get to appreciate the elegance of a city that served as Dalmatian capital from the 7th century till the First World War.

In a city of creation, which not only tends its heritage but also creates it, experience Zadar's waterfront and breathe in the fresh sea air while listening to the music of the waves created by the Sea Organ and walk to the Monument to the Sun for a fascinating display of colours.

Group tour available throughout the year (min. 20 people).


Price per person: 50 EUR 

Children discount 0 – 6 years: 100%

Children discount 7 – 12 years: 50%

Duration: 17:00 – 21:00

The price includes the following: entrance fee to SICU and the Church of Saint Donatus, transport, tour guide.