The secrets and treasures of the oldest monasteries in this region tell a thousand-year-old history of this area. Relax in the magical landscape and serenity of the monastery on the Čokovac Hill on the island of Pašman where you will visit the last Croatian refuge of the Order of Saint Benedict, the first monastic order of Western Christianity in Europe, and the Franciscan monastery in the village of Kraj.

In Zadar, explore the treasury of the famous Benedictine monastery, the Church of St. Mary, and its permanent exhibition of church art ‘’Gold and Silver of Zadar’’. Afterwards, visit the oldest Franciscan monastery in this region founded by Saint Francis himself when he visited these shores.  

Beneath the Velebit Mountain and near the source of the karstic river Krupa, sits the Krupa orthodox monastery which stores the firmans (royal decrees) of Ottoman sultans as well as one of the most beautiful examples of icons rendered in Cretan/Venetian style.

On Croatia’s most indented island, Pag, in the city of Pag, built after the Renaissance ideal cities, visit the Benedictine monastery of St. Margaret and its permanent exhibition of church art showing centuries-old treasures, including the famous Pag lace made for the empress Maria Theresa.  

Program summary

Day 1
Pašman: Benedictine monastery on Čokovac and Franciscan monastery in Kraj (transfer by boat/van-ferry)

Day 2
Zadar: the Church of St. Mary and the Monastery of St. Francis Assisi

Day 3
Krupa: Krupa monastery

Day 4
Pag: Monastery of St. Margaret 

Package offered throughout the year (min. 6 people).

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The price includes the following: transfer, guide, entrance fees, lunch pack.